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Based on the results of research and several studies done in north Lebanon about Autism, Almidan NGO headed by Mrs. Rima Frangieh, concluded that it was essential to have a specialized Autism educational center that would help northern families who are seeking help in their journey with Autism.
NAC is staffed with trained professionals who provide specialized intervention within a multidisciplinary team. Our commitment extends to creating a positive professional environment for our staff to work cooperatively toward achieving our goals.


To advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism, to provide them and their families support and services, from early childhood to adulthood, and to integrate them within society through our programs and therapies together with our focused efforts to create social awareness about Autism.



To provide educational and therapeutic services for individuals with autism in Lebanon.



At NAC, each person is evaluated and treated as an individual. Services and treatment settings are prescribed according to individual needs, where a professional staff creatively tailors programs to enhance each person’s opportunities to succeed. We believe that each person has the ability to improve his or her potential. Equally important, NAC serves the families of our kids and encourages parental involvement to strengthen the efforts of the team. This can be traced back to our belief that a child is not only a respected individual, but a part of a family unit.
As for teaching, NAC provides an educational program designed to help children with autism reach their full potential. Programs offer a continuum of services for children at various ages and levels of ability. Emphasizing independence, skill development, and safety, our educational services have been carefully developed to deliver superior care and heightened learning opportunities for each child we serve. To that end, our services complement our programs by teaching students with autism through real world opportunities and experiences essential to physical, cognitive and psychological growth. All this is done in a cozy setting, where children can learn, grow and thrive.



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